Want to drop a few sizes but still desire to enjoy delicious meals?

Struggle to fit into your clothes but don’t trust diets?

Need to lose weight due to a medical condition?

Nutrition Balance has designed a


for you to get long-term weight loss results!

  • Simplest and fastest way to manage your weight and lose up to 16 lb in a month
  • Ready-to-eat Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snack
  • Nutritionist-approved menu
  • Balanced calorie intake to naturally boost your energy levels
  • Portion control to prevent overeating and digestion problems
  • Nutrient-dense meals instead of ’empty’ calories of junk food
  • Only fresh ingredients — we don’t freeze food to let you get the best of its delicious taste and rich texture
  • Weekly results monitoring and ongoing nutritionist coaching will assist you in effective body transformation
  • Free delivery and convenient automated recurrent payments – weekly or monthly


No results — no payment! We provide a money-back guarantee in case you don’t lose weight in 28 days*.

Want to know more? Book a FREE consultation with our nutritionist. Or check out our FAQ section.

If you want to try our meals before buying a Weight Loss Meal Plan, you can check our weekly changing menu. You can choose any 10 meals for just $119.99 and get it delivered on Sunday.

Please be advised that you can choose specific meals only from our menu. All meal plans are pre-set and can be customized only if you have any food allergies – we can exclude meals containing allergens from your plan. But we can’t change any recipes and exclude specific ingredients. Please don’t forget to mention your allergies at checkout and our team will contact you.


weekly payment

4 ready-to-eat meals daily

7-day plan

$42.86 per day / $299.99 per week



get one-time delivery on Sunday

Choose any 10 ready-to-eat meals for


Just $11.99 per meal

Check Menu


monthly payment

4 ready-to-eat meals daily

28-day plan

$42.86 per day / $1199.99 per month


Our results

Ron, lost 46 pounds in 4 months

Christina, lost 15 pounds in 2.5 months

Michael, lost 20 pounds in 2 months

*Money-back guarantee terms and conditions

In the event that the weight loss is not achieved using our Ultimate Weight Loss Meal Plan for 4 (four) consecutive weeks, we offer a full money-back guarantee. The return policy is only applicable if every and all the following conditions are met by the Customer:

  1. No weight loss has been achieved by the Customer: the weight remained the same as at the 1st day of using Ultimate Weight Loss Meal Plan, or increased;
  2. Weekly 15-minute consultation with a nutritionist via telephone or Skype for 4 (four) consecutive weeks has been completed by the Customer;
  3. Daily completion of the table of progress for 4 (four) consecutive weeks by the Customer;
  4. Weekly body measurements video report for 4 (four) consecutive weeks has been completed by the Customer – measurements of weight, chest, waist and hips are to be taken and recorded.

Please be advised that refund policy does not apply for any purchases, other than Ultimate Weight Loss Meal Plan.