Our state-of-the-art Weight Loss Meal Plan plan is designed to help you achieve your weight goals. Most of our clients lose up to 16 lb in one month, and do so in a healthy way, i.e. enjoying our fresh, never frozen meals. The Weight Loss Meal plan comes with weekly support and monitoring results with your nutritionist and money-back guarantee. Learn more


3 ready-to-eat meals daily:

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

1-day trial for $29.99*

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$219.99 weekly after trial

*Free after 2nd week. See details below

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4 ready-to-eat meals daily:

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snack

28-day plan / 112 meals monthly

$9.73 per meal / $38.92 per day

Pay $1089.99 monthly


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Please be advised that some meals may be duplicated within one week




Our results

Ron, lost 46 pounds in 4 months

Christina, lost 15 pounds in 2.5 months

Michael, lost 20 pounds in 2 months

Trial terms and conditions

  1. Your Trial package includes 3 meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  2. The Trial package will be delivered to your door on Sunday. In 1 week after ordering a trial you will be switched to a full 7-day meal plan with weekly delivery on Sundays. Your credit card will be charged automatically every week in an amount of plan chosen by you.
  3. You can pause or cancel your meal plan subscription at any time. All desirable changes can be made at your account online, via email support@nutritionbalance.info or by phone 1-416-418-8649.
  4. If you cancel before meal delivery, you will be refunded in full. All cancellations should be made by 11:59 pm on Friday prior to a delivery date. Otherwise you will get your meals delivered on Sunday and cancellation will be in effect for the following week’s order.
  5. Trial prices do not include HST and delivery charges. If you stay on a full plan for 2 weeks and further after trial ends (minimum 2 full payments in the amount of plan chosen), your trial will be considered free: your third week payment will be discounted in an amount of trial fee including HST and delivery charges.
  6. Please be advised that discount codes do not apply to trials. If you have a discount code, please contact us after placing your trial order. In this case, you will get a discount on your first full-priced delivery if you decide to stay on a meal plan chosen after the completion of trial. If you choose to use your discount code you abandon the right to claim trial fee discount. We recommend you to consider which discount is more preferable to you.

*Money-back guarantee terms and conditions

In the event that the weight loss is not achieved using our Weight Loss Program for 4 (four) consecutive weeks, we offer a full money-back guarantee. The return policy is only applicable if every and all the following conditions are met by the Customer:

  1. No weight loss has been achieved by the Customer: the weight remained the same as at the 1st day of using Weight Loss Program, or increased;
  2. Weekly 15-minute consultation with a nutritionist via telephone or Skype for 4 (four) consecutive weeks has been completed by the Customer;
  3. Daily completion of the table of progress for 4 (four) consecutive weeks by the Customer;
  4. Weekly body measurements video report for 4 (four) consecutive weeks has been completed by the Customer – measurements of weight, chest, waist and hips are to be taken and recorded.

Please be advised that refund policy does not apply for any purchases, other than Weight Loss Program with monthly payment.