4,500 years ago in Ancient Egypt, there was grain of barley all classes of society loved. Later, we will see this pearl-like grain mentioned in the Bible more than 20 times. Yet, the traces disappear again until the barley got to royal and tsar’s tables. It was steeped for 12 hours, boiled in milk, then […]

12 Jul

Common salt, sea salt, Himalayan salt… A product we consume consciously adding to food or unconsciously with meat, fish, vegetables. Salt makes it to our tables in a purified form by way of direct extraction or evaporation. There are amazing lakes in the world, such as Baskunchak in Central Asia. Its banks are covered with […]


How productive Are You? If you answer YES to the following 4 questions You might need some assistance with a strategic plan to gain better productivity during work hours. 1) Do you find yourself craving sugar by 1:30 PM? 2) Do you find yourself standing in a line up waiting to order food instead of […]