Spending most of your waking hours working or getting to work. Let that sink in a moment. And this is assuming you’re doing the average 40-hour work week. For entrepreneurs, it’s not unusual to work 100+ hours per week, especially in the early years of a startup. Is that healthy? Of course not, but in […]


How important is Nutrition & Cholesterol? Ever Wondered How To Balance Your Cholesterol With The Right Nutrition? It would be so easy if simply eating less dietary cholesterol meant lower blood levels of cholesterol. Unfortunately, the end result with this approach is often taking a statin drug to lower total cholesterol levels. How come this […]


Reduce Your Blood Pressure High blood pressure, or hypertension, affects about 30% of adults and if untreated, increases risks for heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, and dementia. Often the cause of high blood pressure is due to many factors, including a combination of lifestyle and genetic factors. Blood pressure is the force exerted per unit […]


There are a lot of delicious food products in the world. There are many healthy ones, too. We are used to a quest for excellence in something rare. Yet, there is a product that is a whole depository of vitamins, minerals, and free amino acids. On top of that, it’s incredibly tasty, whatever you cook […]

12 Jul

Ab Ovo means from the egg, or from the very beginning. An egg is food prepared by nature itself. It is also known as food for the lazy. In many languages, there is even a saying, ‘Tastes differ, but the gypsy prefers sun eye eggs’. This emphasizes the simplicity of cooking without wasting any effort […]


There comes a time when the city gets illuminated with colored lights, and it’s time to call it a day. We rush to the shops. Yet, above all, it’s time to bring joy. It is in some lovely gimmicks bought as a gift, in the snug home, in the beauty of a park, and the […]


4,500 years ago in Ancient Egypt, there was grain of barley all classes of society loved. Later, we will see this pearl-like grain mentioned in the Bible more than 20 times. Yet, the traces disappear again until the barley got to royal and tsar’s tables. It was steeped for 12 hours, boiled in milk, then […]