Nutrition Balance works with clients of all professions and fitness levels, tailoring unique meal plans for every individual’s health and dietary goals. Pairing great taste with top quality ingredients, each carefully crafted meal is a perfect balance of nutrition and flavour – delivered right to your door.

Ilona holds a degree in Food and Nutrition Management from Humber College. As an entrepreneur from a young age, Ilona understands what it means to always be on the go. Living a fast-paced lifestyle of travelling, meetings, clients, and business commitments – all of this seems incompatible in terms of living with relaxation and mindful eating. Yet, despite a busy schedule, she contains success in maintaining healthy eating habits and prioritizing a hectic work schedule. Ilona is running a private practice where she and her growing team of nutrition specialists work closely with her clients bringing them a life-changing experience through unique nutrition plans.

Founder, Ilona Gorelik