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Welcome to Nutrition Balance; we are with you every step of the way!
Life just keeps getting busier no matter what your lifestyle: crazy traffic, crowded subways, work deadlines, family demands, career goals, getting to the gym; it seems that the list grows daily. Ilona Gorelik and her team get that you need weight loss to be simple.

A graduate of Humber College Food and Nutrition Management program, Ilona has had a life-long interest in nutrition and health and is continuously on top of food and diet developments and information. From how to pack nutrients into delicious recipes to methods on achieving satisfying portion control.

A life-long entrepreneur with an unswerving vision in the healthy weight loss space, from a young age Ilona gained first-hand knowledge on living a fast-paced, demanding lifestyle. Prioritizing healthy eating habits and a mindful life in the middle of a hectic schedule is tough, and like you, Ilona has lived this reality. Growing Nutrition Balance into the everything-you-need-to-succeed one-stop company for weight loss that it is today.

Join Ilona and her team of nutrition specialists and chefs today and start your life-changing experience through perfectly balanced nutrition plans, and achieving success with your weight loss journey.