Remember those times when you would look in a mirror or try on new clothes only to get upset and insecure about some extra kilos? You would then probably hop right into a vicious cycle of having to eat even less to keep losing weight. Seems like a catastrophic scenario, doesn’t it? Here comes secret number I: In order to lose those kilos and maintain your healthy weight, you actually have to EAT!

A very common mistake people tend to make while trying to lose weight is under eating, putting unnecessary pressure on their bodies. Their bodies have no other option but to store lowering carbohydrate intake which leads to slowing down metabolism — that is a survival mode. Your body needs fuel — and we are providing it! Eating proper meals at least 5 times daily. It is crucial to maintain a healthy metabolism and listening to food cravings.

You will be literally eating and losing weight simultaneously — and the results teach you to maintain healthy eating habits for a lifetime.


Secret number 2 is controlling your portion size. In its healthy state, our empty stomach can fit a volume of I cup is a distensible organ with a multitude of folds, it is capable of expanding as you consume food. If you will eat more than your body needs stomach will keep expanding over time and you will gain weight.

But no worries — we got you covered! With our skilled nutritionists, we’ve developed a program where every portion has been thoroughly thought through, weighted and ready to eat! You will eat just enough to keep you full and satisfied and meet your daily caloric goal.

Even if the volume of your stomach is already on a bigger side, that can be fixed with our controlled portion system. You will eat less in terms of volume, but more times per day. Your stomach will shrink in size and you will gradually become accustomed to a new meal regimen.
That will take only 2 weeks — just try and see!

Water allows kidneys to function properly, filters everything and allows us to not be constipated.
How Important is it? Some of the facts:

  • Carrying nutrients and oxygen to your cells
  • Flushing bacteria from your bladder
  • Aiding digestion
  • Preventing constipation
  • Normalizing blood pressure
  • Stabilizing the heartbeat
  • Cushioning joints
  • Protecting organs and tissues
  • Regulating body temperature

How much water should you drink for a successful weight loss journey?
If you are not exercising, you should aim for a minimum of 2 liters per day.
If you are exercising, you should aim for a minimum of 3 liters per day.

We have been bombarded With horror stories surrounding carbohydrates
We have been told that carbs make us fat and we should stay away from all types of bread, grains or seeds if we want to stay lean. But this is simply not true – no scientific evidence supports these claims.
So, our last secret is not a secret at all: we do know from research and our proven customer results that the best way to stay lean and healthy is to consume a balanced variety of fats, carbs and proteins. You should not completely exclude any of these four vital categories — in a best-case scenario, you will just develop Obsessive cravings for the forbidden food, but you can also seriously damage your health.

All of these four simple tips are implemented in the Nutrition Balance program. Start losing weight by enjoying delicious meals with the help of our nutrition specialists today!