12 Jul

Ab Ovo means from the egg, or from the very beginning. An egg is food prepared by nature itself. It is also known as food for the lazy. In many languages, there is even a saying, ‘Tastes differ, but the gypsy prefers sun eye eggs’. This emphasizes the simplicity of cooking without wasting any effort or time. Indeed, you can eat a raw egg or boil it for a few minutes. Nutrition Balance is going to tell you a few interesting facts about this seemingly straightforward product.

Vitamins A, B2, D, E, a whole list of proteins. However, there is no vitamin C in egg at all. Often, a white little lump near the yolk is taken for a fetus. This is not the case. The embryo is inside the yolk and is not visible in the eggs we eat. Egg white consists of water (85%), and the rest is protein as such. Yolk consists of two thirds of fats and one third of proteins, including a particularly valuable protein substance (16%) with a very long and clever name – ovovitellinolecithin. Don‘t be scared, the name sounds awful but the substance is very useful for your muscle tone, healthy connective tissues, and much more. In addition, yolk is very high in iron, so it is healthy for young children.

The peoples of the world do not only eat chicken eggs. They also eat duck and goose eggs, those of emu and quail. The northern peoples eat eggs of loons, guillemots, seagulls; in Africa and Australia, they eat turtle eggs (with a nice beefy taste).

So, an egg can be blown raw, cooked, fried. But what you can also make is… Gentle puddings, all kinds of omelets stuffed with fish, liver, herbs, Scotch eggs (in minced meat), salads, desserts, sauces. For some gourmets, for example, chickens are fed with a mixture of food and seasoning (parsley, red pepper, ginger). Caucasian soups with eggs are unique to taste. The French and the English are soufflé experts. The Baltic and Nordic countries are good at egg dishes with fish and vegetables.

Also, the substances that make up eggs are good for beauty products, both professional and domestic. For example, you can make a hair mask shampoo (2 yolks, a couple of spoons of cognac, and juice of half a lemon). Apply it on your hair, wear for 15 minutes, then rub it in, and rinse off.

Ovalbumin is the best means to build up muscle when applied in a certain way. Egg oval turns into “abs” at workouts faster than a piece of meat does.

Nutrition Balance can work ordinary miracles with an egg or with the help of an egg. Taste our omelets and casseroles. Or do you prefer gratin?