4,500 years ago in Ancient Egypt, there was grain of barley all classes of society loved. Later, we will see this pearl-like grain mentioned in the Bible more than 20 times. Yet, the traces disappear again until the barley got to royal and tsar’s tables. It was steeped for 12 hours, boiled in milk, then simmered in an oven and served with heavy cream.

Then, pearl barley was forgotten and disappeared out of ration until the time when nutritionists discovered its unique properties. Immediately, pearl barley was included in soldier rations. They remembered that before a fight, gladiators were given it for stamina, and Pythagor strongly recommended it to his disciples to concentrate their minds. Now, the Italians have brought pearl barley back on restaurant menus and called these dishes ‘Perlotto’.

Nutrition Balance food delivery service has studied the properties of pearl barley and is stunned by its useful properties. A doubt was caused only by myths about the intolerance of pearl barley and its poor digestibility. Nutrition Balance has found whence these myths come from. The solution is simple: the cooking tradition turned out to be lost. You bet! The path from the royal table to the soldier’s ration did not have any intermediate steps.

Nutrition Balance could not leave unattended such a treasure that surpasses all cereals in protein composition, contains vitamin D (for teeth and bones), B (for pure skin, healthy hair, stable nervous system), A, E, PP, K. Also, the lysine amino acid stimulates production of collagen and reduces wrinkling.

Nutrition Balance food delivery service has developed dishes that combine health benefit and pleasure of the taste, and delivery food to You. Nutrition Balance will greatly appreciate your opinion if you would like to share it with us.

Boiled pearl barley can become a perfect face mask if you add a little lemon juice and olive oil to it. It can be also used for inflamed skin. Admittedly, the female part of the Nutrition Balance team has tried the wonderful properties of pearl barley literally on their own skin.

Sincerely Yours, Nutrition Balance team